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Zanskar Eco Lodge is located just beneath the old monestry called Karsha Monastery in the Zanskar region of Ladakh the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys that is a high altitude semi-desert lying on the Northern flank of the Great Himalayan Range, surrounded by a beautiful mountains. Zanskar Eco Lodge is a newly started traditional, family-run Ladakhi establishment for travellers around the world who want to have the best experience of this magnificent region, its culture and its beauty.Staying with the family at Zanskar Eco Lodge provide an opportunity to discover the unique traditional Ladakhi family and to share the rich culture of zanskar.

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Zanskar Eco Lodge is one of the best lodging in Zanskar and offers 8 simply decorated rooms with attached bathroom, a beautiful garden and a delightful in-house traditional restaurant serving Veg and Non Veg cuisine with daily different Menu. Apart from lodging service we also organize Trek and Tours in Zanskar

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Ladakh Eco Trip

Experience the Mountains

Ladakh Eco Trip is a travel agency owned by the owner of Zanskar Eco Lodge.Ladakh Eco Trips was established to conserve Wildlife and to promote Community Based Tourism in Ladakh in general and Zanskar region of Ladakh in particular.

Ladakh Eco Trips is an initiate of Tashi Tundup who worked with Snow Leopard Conservancy India-Trust for 8 years. After graduating from Jammu University, he was saddened to see that wildlife in the region was on the brink of extinction because of Poaching and also due to overgrazing of pastures. When he returned to Zanskar being aware of the inextricable links between wildlife and its role in the survival of the local, he formalized a plan to start organizing wildlife and cultural trips to boost the livelihood of the local, introduce travelers to the real Ladakh and preserve the fast dwindling wildlife. Thus was born Ladakh Eco Trips. As a result many travellers were able to experience the magnificence of the native animals of Zanskar including the majestic snow leopard, the rare Ibex, and the elusive wolf. Renowned National Geographic photographer Steve Winter and Mr. Dhritiman Mukherjee, also helped initially to start Ladakh Eco Trips. Tashi was part of the administrative team for Mr Steve Winter’s legendary snow leopard photography with camera trap.

Tashi arranged Dhritiman Mukherjee’s Snow Leopard photography trips in Ladakh, where Dhritiman shoot world’s best snow leopard direct shots so far. With success of the Zanskar chapter , he received numerous requests from friends and Ladakh Eco Trip was formed. In 2008 Ladakh Eco Trips expanded to other regions of Ladakh . It started organizing remote regions of Changthang, where people had the unique experience of living with Changpas in their ancient rebo tents. Wildlife enthusiastic were given chance to spot the elusive creature in Hemis National Park, Sham valley ( Western Ladakh) Changthang wildlife Sanctuary and Nubra Valley. Ladakh Eco Trips contributes 10% of its income to dedicated fund which goes towards preserving the ecology and helping the local education, renovation the cultural feature and garbage management system.

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Snow Leopard Tour

Snow Leopard are highly endangered and can be found in Himalayas. One of the best places to see snow leopards is in protected areas such as Hemis National Park in Ladakh.At Ladakh, with the help of well trained guides chances of witnessing a snow leopard is very high. Snow leopards tour in Ladakh requires very high level of fitness. You’ll be trekking into the mountainous terrain where snow leopard usually hunt.

Birding Tours

Ladakh is a paradise for the 310 species of migratory birds.These species are mainly altitudinal migrants, breeding migrants however dropping in winter. Breeding summer migrants arrive during April and May, and back by the end of August. Your tour with us will give you a better understanding of nature and distinctive outlook towards wildlife.